Child Urns and Caskets

Our selection of infant and child caskets and coffins allow you to say goodbye in a natural, meaningful way. All of these products are made from renewable materials and are biodegradable in the earth or water.

Curious about the laws in your state? Click here to view funeral / scattering laws by state.

14 Products

Biotree Urn
Journey Earthurn
$99.00 to $149.00
Oceane, Sand & Gelatin
$175.00 to $495.00
Child Willow Casket
$395.00 to $695.00
Child Seagrass Casket
$410.00 to $750.00
Child White Willow Casket
$475.00 to $900.00
Child Bamboo Coffin
$395.00 to $495.00
Handmade Paper Casket, Floral
$195.00 to $395.00
Amara Salt Urn
$275.00 to $525.00
Athena Salt Urn
$250.00 to $495.00
Gourd Urn
$150.00 to $595.00
Embrace Earthurn
$105.00 to $175.00
Select up to 4 items to compare.
Select up to 4 items to compare.