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Where Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Our cremation urns now include a code for the Etern.Life Memorial Map, which lets families create a personal online memorial and add a pin to the global Memorial Map.

Who We Are

Passages International, Inc. was founded in 1999, as the now rapidly-growing demand for green and natural funerals was in its infancy.

Passages is dedicated to providing the best, most sustainable solutions to those seeking environmentally-friendly funeral options, including scattering solutions, biodegradable urns, eco-friendly caskets, and dignified cremation containers. We design most of our products and produce many in-house. We stand behind our unsurpassed quality and service and are proud to offer the largest selection of natural funeral products available.

We Are Proudly Associated with These Organizations:

We provide grieving families with sustainable, meaningful, and healing products to celebrate, honor, and remember a loved one.


Hear What Our Customers Say

“Great company. We have done business with Passages for many years and they offer great products with the customer service to back them up. I would highly recommend them to any funeral home considering doing business with them.”

- J. Dyck, French Funerals and Cremations

“Great company with authentic ownership and team. We have worked with Passages for many years and they offer great products. The staff is committed to helping us provide the best options for our families. I highly recommend Passages for your green burial (and scattering) needs.”

- Alex Roberts

Let's Leave a Lighter Footprint

Passages is committed to providing sustainable and eco-friendly funeral products with which families can create modern, meaningful and healing experiences to remember a departed loved-one. Whether you are interested in a more natural burial or cremation, want to scatter in a sentimentally meaningful location such as a beloved back-country ski trail, or on a surfers “paddle out”, we have the products to create that once-in-a-life-time farewell.

Founded in 1999, Passages helps families create extraordinary alternatives to traditional funeral rituals: experiences that encourage mourners to participate versus spectate, to truly honor your loved-ones memory. The Passages product you select will be the focal point around which family and friends can build a send-off worthy of their memory.

We stand behind the quality of our products 100% and encourage you to share how they have enabled you to create memorable experiences.

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