Press Release: Our New Sea Turtle Urn

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June 28, 2023 at 2:58:00 PM PDT June 28, 2023 at 2:58:00 PM PDTth, June 28, 2023 at 2:58:00 PM PDT

June 2023 (Albuquerque, N.M.) - Passages is excited to introduce the new Sea Turtle Urn, designed for water scattering. Each Sea Turtle Urn is crafted by hand using kraft paper and clear-drying non-toxic glue. Sea Turtle Urns will float briefly before sinking and are fully biodegradable, making them the perfect option for a goodbye ceremony on the water.

The new Sea Turtle Urn loads from the bottom, where the cremated remains are placed inside the provided water soluble bag. The bottom is sealed with any basic non-toxic glue. The bag will dissolve within minutes, and the urn itself will fully biodegrade within a few days to weeks.

This new design replaces the Turtle Urn, which has been discontinued. The new design more closely resembles a true sea turtle and provides families with a more true-to-nature option to send off a loved one at sea. The urn is delivered in a unique carrying box and is fully TSA compliant for families that wish to travel to the sea to have their memorial.

Studies show that nearly half of cremation families intend to scatter in a meaningful location, and scattering at sea is increasingly popular. The Sea Turtle Urn will be a popular option for families wishing to scatter a loved one’s remains on large bodies of water. It enhances the experience of scattering on water, which can often be more challenging than families expect, and brings a higher level of dignity and intention to the act.

Each Sea Turtle Urn includes a unique GEO-code, which lets families create an online memorial for their loved one and pin their final resting place on our Memorial Map. The memorial can be shared with friends and family, and can assist families with returning to the exact location of the scattering.

The Sea Turtle Urn is available now and can be ordered directly from Passages International. For more information about water scattering options or any of Passages International's eco-friendly funeral products, visit