Scattering Tube, Lighthouse

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Item Name: Scattering Tube, Lighthouse

The ideal scattering solution, designed to simplify the process of scattering remains. Passages® Scattering Tubes are offered in more than 20 designs and 6 sizes. Our scattering tubes contain no metal or plastic and can be recycled after use, or will biodegrade naturally if buried. A scattering tube for an adult is 200 cu. in.

This urn comes with a GEO-code to create a memorial page on our Memorial Map, free of charge. Families can use this code and follow the instructions on our Memorial Map page to GeoTag the final resting place of their loved one’s remains.

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The Passages Collection of Scattering Tubes is engineered to simplify the scattering process. The tubes are durable, dignified and simple to use. Each features a convenient removable lid and an industry-first, perforated “push in” tab that opens easily prior to scattering. They contain no metal or plastic components and can be recycled or composted after use. Suitable for “in-cabin” airline transportation.

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If multiple family members or loved ones want to participate in scattering, even in multiple locations, Passages smaller-sized scattering tubes allow for that option.

XL:5.1″Dia x 14.5″H240 Cubic Inches
Adult:5.1″Dia x 12.6″H200 Cubic Inches
Medium:4″Dia x 10.1″H100 Cubic Inches
Small:2.95″Dia x 8.9″H40 Cubic Inches
Mini:2.95″Dia x 5.25″H20 Cubic Inches
Token:2″Dia x 4.75″H10 Cubic Inches

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