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We've put together this page to answer questions you may have, and to help you successfully cater eco-friendly funeral options to your client families.

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By registering for a wholesale account on our website, you will be able to:

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What Are Your Options?

There is a wide variety of green and non-traditional funeral products available, which allows your families to create something personal and meaningful to them.

Check out our product catalog to see what we offer.

Passages specializes in:

  • Fair Trade caskets and coffins for green or natural burial
  • Fair Trade, clean-burning containers for cremation
  • Biodegradable urns for burial in the Earth
  • Biodegradable urns for water scattering
  • Eco-friendly scattering solutions

Where Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Most of our caskets and urns include a code to create a free GeoTagged memorial pin on our Memorial Map.

Families can add an image gallery and an obituary into their unique memorial. For more information, click the links below:

We Have the Tools to Help You Succeed

View our wholesale price list below. We've also created a retail price calculator and MSRP list to help you set your prices.

Web-Ready Images for Your Use


We've put together a collection of web-ready studio images of all of our products, which are available for you to use on your websites, catalogs, or however helps you show your families the eco-friendly options available.


Need Help Assembling Our Products?

This page has instructions for all of our products that require assembly or careful handling.

Quick Answers to Your Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions page is full of valuable information on how to use and handle our products, their eco-friendliness, shipping, returns, and more. If you have questions there is likely an answer here.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions as well!

Ready to Learn More?

AGreenerFuneral.org is an excellent resource for families, full of information on greener burial and cremation options. A Greener Funeral is an educational resource sponsored by Passages International, created to help connect green and non-traditional funeral providers and cemeteries to families seeking these options.

Looking for eco-friendly pet loss products? View our Pet Loss Catalog:

Pets are Part of the Family

The loss of a pet can often be as hard on a family as the death of a loved one, and families do hold funerals for their their pets. It only makes sense to use eco-friendly products for a pet memorial, which often takes place in a backyard or somewhere sentimental to the family.

Take a look through our Pet Loss Catalog to see what is available to add dignity and sustainability to pet memorial services. For pets, we offer:

  • Biodegradable minimum returns containers
  • Woven caskets and handmade paper caskets for burial
  • Biodegradable urns for Earth, Water, or Scattering
  • Keepsake and Mini Urns

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