About the Passages Memorial Map

Passages® Scattering Tubes and Urns include a unique alpha-numeric GeoTag system, which you can use to digitally mark the final resting place of your loved one.

Use this system to mark the exact location (within a few feet) of where the cremated remains/urn are laid to rest. You can then upload a photograph and create a personal online memorial on our Memorial Map that can be viewed by friends and family.

How the Memorial GeoTag Map Works:

Use the instruction to the right or watch this video to set up your unique GeoTag Memorial on our Memorial Map:

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    Step One: Buy a Passages® biodegradable urn or scattering tube.

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    Step Two: Locate the GEO-code on the urn tag, product itself, or packaging. Keep this GEO-code number for later use.

  • how-it-works-3

    Step Three: Scatter your loved one's ashes on earth or in the sea, or bury your biodegradable urn. Take note of the location.

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    Step Four: Visit passagesinternational.com/memorial-map to create your memorial with the location of the urn or scattered remains.

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    Step Five: Share your GeoTag Memorial Page with friends and family, so they too can celebrate your loved one's life where they now rest or online.