Be a Tree with the Biotree Urn

Designed to Celebrate Life

The Biotree Urn has been designed to shape a greener planet by changing our traditions from that of graves, to those of forests. Celebrating life with a living memorial in the form of a tree.

Traditional burial is not sustainable, and could cause an ever-expanding crisis globally, damaging the environment and using up vast amounts of space.

The Biotree Urn is made using natural plant fibers and materials that aid in fertilizing the surrounding soil and lowering the pH levels of cremated remains, creating a suitable environment for a tree to grow.

A seed is planted in the top half of the urn, with the cremated remains held in the bottom. The cork center of the urn helps create an environment suitable for healthy tree growth. In a short time, the tree will sprout and you will see new life grow. After a few weeks the urn will begin to crack, signifying that it is time to plant the urn in the ground or in a pot suitable for your selected tree. We recommend selecting a tree species that is harmonious with your local environment, where the tree will complement the unique ecosystem that surrounds it, creating a living tribute for those who now rest at their roots.

A certificate is provided with each Biotree Urn, which families can redeem for tree seeds in your selected species. It is important to select a species that will flourish in your local environment.

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How it Works

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    Using the form, redeem your memorial tree seeds with the unique code printed on the certificate included with the urn. Once redeemed, your tree seeds will be shipped in 1-2 weeks.

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    Fill the provided biodegradable bag with cremated remains, and place it in the base of the urn on top of the filter. Securely reattach the base of the urn.

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    Add 27 fl oz (800 ml) of water to the urn and use the wooden tool to stir the expanding coco peat disk. You may add more soil if you wish, but it is not required.

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    After the coco peat disk has expanded, use your finger to make a hole 1" deep in the center of the soil. Plant your tree seed, and cover the hole with soil.

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    The Biotree Urn can remain unplanted in your house for several weeks, depending on your local climate. At any time, or when the urn begins to crack, plant the urn leaving about 1" exposed.

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    Water the tree inside the urn as needed. The Biotree Urn and the enclosed ashes will naturally return to the earth over time as the tree grows.

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    Visit and go to the Registration tab. Use the included geotag code to mark the location that you plant your urn. An online memorial can be created with the geotag.

Every Life is Unique, Tell its Story

Celebrate the life of a loved one with the unique memorial tag included with every Biotree Urn.

The Biotree Memorial Tag can be used to geotag the location where the Biotree Urn has been planted, and an online memorial can be written for a loved one.

Now you can take a moment to appreciate the special moments you shared with a loved one with a simple click from anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing the biotree urn

The Biotree Urn is made using natural bamboo and other plant fibers, as well as natural binding agents. The center is a handmade Portuguese cork disk, with a nutrient-rich coco peat disk nested inside the cork.