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Join Passages President Darren Crouch for a 4-part webinar series discussing the impact of rising cremation rates on the funeral industry, the threats and opportunities presented, and solutions to help your funeral home raise cremation revenues.

Session 1: Cremation - Threat or Opportunity?
Current state of the industry and the problem with how we treat cremation.
April 5 at 11am MST

Session 2: Better Cremation Containers
An in-depth look at our Simple Bamboo Container.
April 12 at 11am MST

Session 3: Case Study - Replacing Cardboard with Bamboo
We present a 3-year case study of a funeral home that replaced cardboard cremation containers with bamboo containers, increasing their revenues and customer satisfaction.
April 19 at 11am MST

Session 4: Pathways to Success with Bamboo Containers
Strategies to incorporate bamboo as your minimum cremation container.
April 26 at 11am MST